Build - drive - play ExoceT

The Exocet is a road legal, exo-skeletal kit car manufactured right here in New Zealand.
Basically, you take the running gear from an Mazda MX5, add the Exocet chassis and kit, and you have yourself an Exocet, or 'a shed load of fun!'
Originally, the Exocet comes from Mills Extreme Vehicles in the UK. MEV have developed and built kits for 30 years, with the Exocet being their most successful and affordable kit.
It’s a great feeling to be out in the car you built yourself, with others who have done the same.

Exocet NZ was born in 2011 as a result of a discussion with Stuart Mills at MEV (UK). MEV had been producing the Exocet for several months and it was (is) a runaway success.
Initially the idea was simply to import a kit to build up and enjoy here on these fantastic NZ roads. But Stuart explained that he was challenged keeping up with UK demand and wasn’t able to provide the resources to start exporting kits. So, the logical step was to manufacture the kits here in New Zealand.
Today, Exocet Cars NZ is under the ownership of Paul O’Grady, With the benefit of being an accomplished driver.

Track demos

Paul loves to demonstrate the Exocet’s track capabilities as often as possible too.


As the number of Exocets grows in NZ, there is a fantastic owners’ group forming.

Power to weight

It weighs about 65% of the donor. The increase in power to weight vastly improves acceleration and braking, and sharpens cornering.

NZ Made

The NZ chassis have been modified to pass the local rules and the kits modified to suit



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